Atlantic Assists NOVA in “Making North America”

You could argue that Atlantic is the most North American of production services companies, and you might be right about that! So, it’s no more fitting that we were called upon to assist in the creation of an episode for NOVA’s “Making of North America” documentary which recently aired on PBS here in the States.

The three-part docu-series focused on how the entire North American continent was created,Nova_pbs_program spanning its history over millions of years. We couldn’t get Kirk Johnson, the host, to do a segment about a true milestone in North America’s history: the creation of Atlantic Television. Alas, the crew and aerial photography we provided for their Grand Canyon shoot was enough to stroke our egos.

Check out the gallery below for some behind the scenes photos of “Making of North America.” We call it, “The Making of Making of North America: The Gallery.” You can also check out the series page here.