Atlantic and Syfy Wire Visit the Hall of Heroes

As we head back into our offices here at Atlantic after a great Fourth of July weekend, we’re taking a look back at another one of our shoots with SyFy Wire.  It wasn’t too long ago we were getting patriotic for a quite different reason: a trip to tour the Hall of Heroes Museum in Elkhart, Indiana!  Founded in 2007 by Allen Stewart, the Hall of Heroes is the world’s largest (and only) known collection of Superhero memorabilia.  In the video, Mike Avila interviews Stewart on his museum and its mission to preserve over 75 years of comic book superhero history, getting a chance to get a grand tour of the facilities, as well.  

For the feature, Atlantic coordinated with Syfy’s team and a Chicago-based producer to get a crew from Chicago to the Hall of Heroes for the shoot.  With the local crew being able to drive to Elkhart, we were able to save on airfare and hotel fees — as well as maximize what limited time we had at the museum.  Our local producer went out with a second camera operator to capture B-roll footage of the museum and its grounds, while our Director of Photography stayed and shot Avila’s interviews with Stewart.  Both operators utilized the ever-trusty Sony FS7 for both pieces of footage, allowing our crew to display their high-quality expertise.

Watch the final piece below, as well as on Syfy Wire’s Youtube channel: