Atlantic and SyFy Wire Chat with George Perez about his Wonder Woman Legacy


It is perhaps no secret that all of us here at Atlantic love our comics – so it should be no…wonder (feel free to slow-clap right about now) that we’re brimming with excitement about all the success the new Wonder Woman film has been getting!  We’re all about getting a good dose of Diana Prince’s particular brand of female empowerment – much of which wouldn’t be possible without comic book legend George Pérez.

At the height of his career, coming off of The New Teen Titans, writer and illustrator George Pérez and DC Comics decided to reboot the Wonder Woman series in 1987.  Under his new vision, Pérez was able to recreate Diana’s mythology and history in a way that would have a more female-centric undercurrent.  In the thirty years since, Pérez’s work has been widely influential to other artists – most notably Patty Jenkins, the director of the successful 2017 film.  

Atlantic was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot an interview with George Pérez for SyFy Wire, which is the SyFy Channel’s recently-expanded news division (both of which are under NBC Universal).  Formerly known as Blastr, SyFy Wire covers all areas of genre news, ranging from: film, books, comics, gaming and tech. So basically, it covers everything amazing in life.

For the interview, our crew drove out of Orlando, Florida where we shot a lengthy sit-down interview with Pérez himself. Filmed on two Sony FS7 cameras (one camera on him, the other on interviewer Mike Avila, we captured Pérez’s insights into revitalizing Wonder Woman, and also learned his thoughts on the new film. (Spoiler alert: he loved it.)   

You can check out the interview in the clips below, as well as on SyFy Wire’s Youtube channel.