Atlantic and Story Films Delve into a “Teen Nightmare” for Netflix

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We all know that being a teenager is hard. With every mistake there is a lesson to be learned – but what if the lesson is even more unconscionable than the mistake itself? Such is the case when producers of Story Films – a production company dedicated to high-quality scripted drama and documentary – embarked on a project for Netflix titled Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare, based around cases of teens in the 1980s and 1990s who were sent to camps known for extreme punishment.

For Hell Camp, we served as an extension of UK-based Story Films’ office by utilizing our extensive resources in Florida, Utah, and Pennsylvania. We provided a local drone DP, drone pilot, and prop vehicles for the beach/jungle sequence featured in the documentary. To recreate the 1980’s-style flair at a teen’s home, we provided a local Art Director and Location Manager. We also supplied local sound recordists, media managers/DITs, PAs & lighting/grip rentals in all three states. We even helped secure lifeguards for coastal filming.

Our scouts in Utah sourced home environments for filming master interviews, while in Florida we lent a helping hand in recreating scenes in private residences and state parks, and sourced offices for key interviews.

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