Atlantic and Bond Provide Funnies for BBC Comic Relief

Production. Video production.

As much as we’d like to introduce ourselves like James Bond, we know we’ll never quite be as cool as him, and especially Bond as portrayed by Daniel Craig. (Daniel – if you’re reading this: please play Bond for five more movies. Yes, we’re on a first name basis.)

As part of Red Nose Day, BBC Comic Relief dreamed up a crossover for the ages: Craig’s Bond meets Catherine Tate’s beloved Nan. As part of a televised three-hour comedy extravaganza, the bit stands out because here we have two icons of British pop culture engaged in a very meta back and forth riddled with misunderstandings, expletives, and two wildly different British accents, and frankly–us Americans have been rendered speechless.

That said, we know our place. For this bit, we provided a local New York City-based sound engineer to work with Daniel Craig at a secure location to capture pristine sound for the BBC. And yes, for all intents and purposes we did call our sound engineer “Q” the entire time. While masked, he equipped Craig with a lavalier microphone and an IFB so he could hear the BBC in his ear and not through his laptop while he recorded the piece in front of a green screen. “Q” monitored sound from a different room to maintain social distancing. Nan’s shots were captured separately at the legendary Pinewood Studios.

Check out the bit below, or on BBC’s official YouTube channel.

(P.S. We’ll also take either Henry Cavill or Idris Elba as Bond. Tom Hardy a distant third.)