Atlantic and Audible Are ‘Up Against The Wall’ with The Hoff

For your reading enjoyment, we recommend listening to the Knight Rider theme song in the background. Trust us.

David Hasselhoff knows that he’s been put on this planet for one reason and one reason only: to entertain the masses as much as humanly possible–and he did! He conquered the small screen and firmly planted himself in the annals of pop culture history with Baywatch and Knight Rider. Speaking of, Knight Rider had a great bit of a dialogue during the intro. That gravely, mysterious voice explains that the show is a “shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

Decades later, Hasselhoff has taken this idea farther than we, the humble masses, have ever thought possible with Up Against The Wall – an exclusive audiobook experience from Audible. A fictional story birthed from the man himself, it takes place at the end of the Cold War when the Berlin Wall is just about to come down. Hasselhoff himself (not a fictional character–actually him circa 1989 and therefore post Knight Rider!) teams up with a CIA operative who looks a lot like–you guessed it!–David Hasselhoff in order to foil a plot to bomb Berlin to cinders should that pesky wall come down. Listeners get two sides of the Hoff on paper, and all of the extra special dimensions of his mind in one wild aural journey.

We filmed a promo for the Audible Original with our own special Los Angeles operatives including a field producer, two camera operators with two Sony FS7s shooting in action-packed 4K, a sound recordist for maximum covert surveillance, gaffer with a full grip truck packed with all the tools a spy needs, and a production assistant to do all the tasks even the most grizzled of operatives don’t dare to do. You can check out the promo below, or here!

After you listen to the audiobook and let Hasselhoff be your own personal KITT for a few hours, we highly recommend you keep the good times rolling.