Atlantic & 72 Films Witness the Making of a Man

Though tech magnate Elon Musk has conjured up controversy in recent years, there’s no doubt that he’s certainly cut an fascinating figure in today’s pop culture landscape.  With his hands in seven different companies, it seems only fitting that Musk would eventually find his way onto another venture—this time, in the form of a BBC Two docu-series titled, you guessed it, The Elon Musk Show.  In it, the Tesla founder and CEO interviews his family, friends, and even foes—for a look at how his life brought him from his beginnings in Pretoria, South Africa to his role as the richest man in Silicon Valley.

Atlantic teamed up with 72 Films, an independent production house with a bent on documentary film and has seen their work broadcast from BBC to Netflix, and everywhere in between.  For The Elon Musk Show, we provided 72 Films with production support throughout their filming in California.

For more information on 72 Films and their work with the show, go here.  You can watch The Elon Musk Show on BBC iPlayer here