A Glimpse On Set


Two C300s, a lot of flags, a diff, and a your key light is all you’ll need to light a subject successfully.


Just recently, we shot a series of stylized corporate videos for a major Japanese bank. Pictured here is some of our crew at work on a two Canon C300s, with a smokehouse-gray seamless from Savage. What’s hard to make out here, though, is that we used Canon Cine Prime Lenses to capture a very specific look–less video, and more filmic.

After each subject finished their piece to camera, we got super close up with a 14mm Cine Prime and captured some trippy angles and movements which will be used to introduce each person in the final video. They were shot at alternating shutter speeds to accomplish slow motion, which when sped up in post production or played back at a different frame rate, will have nifty results.

This won’t be your average corporate video, folks! Till next time.