Atlantic helped out on the red carpet of the 2015 Critic’s Choice Television Awards, broadcast on A&E. We provided caaemera operators, sound guys, additional crew, lights, cameras, and even director’s chairs. The Atlantic crew was tasked with capturing on-the-fly interviews on the Canon C300 with celebrities, directors, producers — you name it, we got it.

For those specific interviews, keeping the crew light on their feet is the trick. They had a shoulder-mounted C300, a rolling panel light (powered with Anton Bauer ionic batteries!), and a dedicated sound recordist with a boom mic and mixer. Elsewhere, a single camera operator on a grounded C300 captured interviews with some of the more glamorous folks who graced the evening crowd’s presence.

The night went off without a hitch,  and it also gave our chiseled production crew a reason to wear tuxedos. It also gave HBO another reason to talk about how HBO is dominating any form of television that is not HBO.

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